Artist Statement

Faces and bodies are so varied and unique that I never tire of the painterly challenge, but the true energy of my work is derived from the sitter’s humanness. I am not interested in merely copying a face but I strive to find the common denominator of our humanity in my sitters. This link to our past, present and future continues to fascinate me.
There is an allusiveness to painting portraits. Near the end of the painting, I am hopeful that the painting will magically come to life and walk out the door.   It is this wishfulness and the ensuing frustration that pushes me on.   At the beginning of each painting, I work furiously trying to conjure up the soul of the sitter. By the end, I am left with a frantic desire to find the right brush stroke or color that will make the painting breath.  What is left is a reminder of my own limited mortal life.
These new portraits have become more mortal. My recent paintings have taken on a truthfulness that runs parallel to my own physical process. As an aging women, time has become less of a friend. The vigor of youth has long gone and what is replaced is an internal wisdom that is belied at first glance.
Nature reclaims the flesh. We loose our contrast and edges. The markers of our uniqueness fade. What is left is an abstract version of our former self.  But there is beauty in this process.  It has no prejudice or boundaries.  It is inclusive to all physical beings. It is this common denominator that I try to paint.